Reading Challenges – 2015

I read for fun. I love the escapism reading brings but I also love how you can learn from all types of books, not just non-fiction. I don’t think that reading challenges are serious, they just allow me to track books I’ve read and perhaps think a little more about what I am going to read.

I’m taking part in the Goodreads challenge. I’ve said that I’d like to read 80 books this year. I think I may have miscalculated how many I can actually read in a week but I think it’s a good way of keeping a note of how many I do actually read.

I’m also interested in reading a variety of books so I want to make sure that I’m not just concentrating on one genre.

In addition I thought it may be fun to try to read my way around the world. With this in mind I’ve decided to keep a list of the countries the books I read are based in. I’ll up date this as and when I have a new country or book to add.

Goodreads challenge  

So far I’ve read 82 out of 80 books so I’ve exceeded my target for this year. (These will include children’s books most of which I tend to read multiple times :-))

Around the world in 80 (ish) books




A Place Called Winter


Death in the Rainy Season


The Girl on the Train

The Offering


No Other Darkness


Coming Up Roses

Frenchman’s Creek

The Widow

A Parcel for Anna Browne

A Death in the Dales

The Twelve Dates of Christmas

In Bitter Chill

The Trouble With Goats and Sheep

The Winter Wedding

Ivy Lane

You and Me, Always


The Red Notebook

The Reader on the 6.27

George’s Grand Tour


The Hummingbird

The Defenceless




By Its Cover

My Mother is a River

The Hunter of the Dark

The Netherlands

The House of Dolls

United States of America

Obsession in Death

The Quality of Silence


The Breakup Doctor

The Dark Inside






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