Single in the Snow by Helen Whitaker – review

Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Publication date – 17 November 2022 ebook and 29 December 2022 paperback

Source – review copy

Jen is turning thirty and has spent her entire life jumping from man to man. So, when her latest relationship ends in disaster, she decides she needs to stop pleasing others and focus on herself. And where better to start afresh than the beautiful Canadian ski resort of Whistler?

Okay, she’s broke, unemployed, and has never so much as strapped on a pair of skis – but Jen is determined to make it on her own. She just has one rule: to stay single for the entire ski season.

When a new job forces Jen into contact with snowboarding instructor Art, the two of them are set on keeping their distance. It shouldn’t be hard, since they hate one another on sight – and Art knows better than anyone how to keep other people at arm’s length.

The problem is, the more time they are forced to spend together, the clearer it seems that Jen’s promise to stay single might not be quite so simple . . .

When Jen’s latest boyfriend decides their time is up, she has to reassess her life. She has a visa to go to Canada for a year, but had planned on going with said ex-boyfriend. After vowing to her best friend, Maxie, that she won’t date anyone for the next six months, Jen decides to head over to Whistler. Her horrible new job introduces her to Art, though they hate each other on sight. Will relations thaw as the snow settles?

I loved the setting of the novel. It felt chocolate box picture perfect. I could imagine the chalets, ski runs and cafes, the multi-coloured blobs of speed heading down the mountains and the snowfall on the slopes. I’ve never been skiing but Single in the Snow made me wish I’d at least experienced the apres-ski part. There’s a lovely, warm feeling to the novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

All of the characters, except Eduardo, are great, from Snowy the chef to Newton, one of Art’s many clients. Art and Jen initially clash but slowly become friends. It is clear that each have their own issues but the story follows them as they work through those issues, coming to terms with them in their own time. Eduardo, Jen’s boss, is the character everyone will love to hate.

As the pair become closer Jen has to decide if she is going to stick to her promise of no love interests for six months. More importantly she has to decide if she is going to discover who she really is and not who she pretends to be for whoever happens to be her current boyfriend.

A book to enjoy huddled under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.

You can buy a copy of Single in the Snow on here (this is an affiliate link so I may make a little money if you buy through it).

You can also buy it from your local independent bookshop or Waterstones.

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