Reposed Bespoke Book Box – review

So Christmas has been and gone. Some of you may have received books under the tree, others may be bookless. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket or forgot to buy that gift and want to get something a little different then the Reposed Bespoke Book Box may be for you.

Over on Reposed’s website you can create a gift box. Start with a choice of books, adding as many as you like. There are a range of titles from classics, to the latest best-selling books, non fiction and poetry. Once you’ve chose the book, next come the extras. You can choose from drinks, confectionary, beauty products, candles, cocktails, well-being and much more. Filters help narrow down selections. Before you check out you can see what you have selected and the total amount. Postage is added at the end and is based on the country it is being shipped to.

Reposed kindly sent me a box, a surprise as I’d only known they were going to send one of their book subscription boxes for review (you can read my review here).

First of all the box is beautifully packaged and looks very substantial and elegant.

So what was inside? Just like any good present, the contents are wrapped so the surprise isn’t spoiled immediately. Once I tore through the paper I found four books and lots of treats.

There was a stunning edition of The Great Gatesby, The Little Snake by A.L Kennedy, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and Birds Art Life Death by Kyo Maclear. The latter two books are unknown to me and books I would not likely to have bought myself so it was interesting to see what had been selected.

There were also a host of treats including chocolate, tea, hand cream, hair slides, bath oil, eye masks, a hair mask, wildflower seeds and resilience cards. I really was overwhelmed to receive it and I can only image how any recipient would feel.

So what do I reckon? I would be delighted to receive a box like this. Choosing a book for someone is quite a personal thing and to know someone has put so much thought into the book and treats is really a wonderful thing. I really was blown away by the standard and care that went into the package. What I especially like about the website is that it is easy to select the contents of the box and calculate at each step how much it will cost. This means it’s easy for the person buying to control their budget. It also means there is less chance of the recipient receiving a book they already have by the purchaser being able to select it themselves. In fact, I loved this box so much I’m going to treat myself to one. I just need to decide which book to get, and which treats…

*Reposed kindly sent me a bespoke box for review purposes. This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any further payment for this post. *

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  1. I like the sound of this a lot Janet – the fact that you can personalise it so easy means it would be the ideal gift. I may have need of it this year in COVID times! 😀


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