Reposed Book Subscription Box – review

There are many book subscription boxes available. What could be a better treat for someone, or you, than a book sent every month, each one a surprise and accompanied by extra little thoughtful gifts such as cosmetics or chocolate. Well nothing, in my humble opinion. As someone who rarely has books bought for her (by her yes, many but that’s a different story), when I received books for my birthday last year, what struck me the most was the thought that has gone into choosing a book for someone else. Reading is a very personal hobby, each person has their own taste , so for someone else to look, to think, based on their tastes, they’ll love this, is quite something.

So I was struck by the idea of compiling a list of the book subscription services and book boxes available, which may be even more timely given the shops are currently closed. Want a way to help an independent business and by a beautiful gift? Then may be this post is for you.

I put a call out on Twitter for recommendations of book subscriptions. To say I was inundated is an understatement. One of the companies to respond was Reposed. They contacted me to offer a free subscription box for me to review.

What follows is my thoughts on what arrived. As I’ve said, this box was sent to me for free. However, my thoughts are based entirely on my reaction to the box, and how I would have felt had I received this as a gift from someone (or myself).

First up a little about Reposed. Launched in 2017, Reposed is the UK’s bestselling book subscription for women, delivering elegantly-designed, expertly-curated reading experiences each month. They have featured in Grazia, The Evening Standard,  The Independent and Marie Claire and teamed up with brands such as Prestat, Omorovicza and Malin +‌ Goetz.

Here’s what they have to say about the subscription boxes

“Our boxes are curated to offer a relaxing reading experience each month, so you can expect a selection of 3-5 unique, thoughtful gifts alongside your book – think delicious chocolates and tea, luxury skincare and elegant stationery.

The books we include are always just-published – so you’re unlikely to come across something you’ve read before. And always in paperback, so they’re practical if you’re someone who enjoys reading on the go. We’re all about modern literary fiction, so expect the very best in contemporary literature, from predominantly female voices.”

There are a variety of payment levels, as with most subscription services, the longer you sign up for, the better value each box is.

So exactly how much does it cost? A one off box is £13.80. Three months is £38.40, six months is £75.00 and twelve months is £145.00. If you want to pay for the 12 month subscription monthly, rather than in one go, it’s £12.80 per month. All postage costs are covered in the subscription fees.

There are also seasonal boxes which cost £51.20.

Boxes usually arrive around the 10th of the month. If it’s a gift, a complimentary card can be included.

So what do you get for that. This is what was in the sample subscription I was sent.

First up, it arrives in a box that is slim enough to fit through the letter box. Obviously not a problem for many of us at the moment, but there’s always something a little bittersweet about seeing the red postcard from the postie saying they couldn’t deliver your post. With this box,  there’s no worries on that front.

On opening the box I was very pleasantly surprised. Inside there was a copy of Lampedusa by Steven Price. This is the fictionalised telling of the life of Guiseppe Tomasi, author of The Leopard. It was published on 17 September 2020 by Picador.

Here’s what the back of the book says:

In 1943, an Allied bomb destroyed the Lampedusa palace in Palermo; in 1955, Giuseppe Tomasi is diagnosed with advanced emphysema. Shortly after, profoundly aware of his mortality, he begins work on a novel, imagining the life of his great-grandfather Don Giulio, astronomer prince and head of the family at the time of the Risorgimento.

Giuseppe Tomasi is a veteran of the previous war, while his wife Alessandra – ‘Licy’ – a Baltic German aristocrat, now lives in exile, after her native Latvia was absorbed into the Soviet Union. The childless couple are survivors of a vanishing world of European aristocracy, living in the present yet profoundly aware of the past. Steven Price takes us into the mind of the writer, his memories of war and loss, his complex relationships with his family, and inhabits the heart of a man facing down the end of his life and the end of his line, struggling to make something of lasting worth while there is still time.

This is not a book I would have probably known about had it not been for this subscription box, but is one that I totally would read. I have The Leopard on my to buy list so the story behind the author sounds fascinating. As a book reviewer, I’m in the lucky position of receiving some books to review that have not yet been published. There is, therefore, always a risk of me already having a book which makes me hesitant about taking out a subscription for myself. The book in this box bodes well for the chance that duplicate books would be fewer with this subscription.

What else was included?

Two very tasty sounding teas from Brew Tea Co, mint and chai. I’ll be honest. I’m not a big tea drinker but I tried the chai and it was delicious, just sweet enough and showed me up again by showing I am both a tea drinker and someone who can drink said tea without milk! Wonders never cease.

Can’t have a cuppa without a snack, and of course, reading is hungry work so a chocolate bar was included. This time it was a Seed and Bean Sea Salt and Lime fair trade chocolate bar. Now this will surprise people who know me but I’ve not eaten that yet. I’m waiting for reading time to savour it.

Finally, it’s always nice to have a bit of a pamper, so it’s lucky that a candle and a Vitamasques face mask was also included. A Marine Gold Dust Sheet Mask no less.

I was very impressed with the box I received. It’s full of things I would buy myself but don’t think of putting all together in one parcel. I’d be delighted to receive something similar each month and I’m sure many other people would too. In fact, I’m thinking of adding it to my Christmas wish list. Or just treating myself.

Opening a surprise box of goodies every month? What’s not to like.

You can find out more about Reposed and the book subscription service on their website.

(Please note I don’t get any commission or payment for any book subscriptions sold. I have no vested interested in the company. I received no payment for this post, other than the subscription box for review purposes)

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  1. It sounds quite lovely, but possibly not for me because of the veganism and also because I tend not to read that many modern books! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. janetemson says:

      Yes, this may not be old enough but Armchair Sleuth does a vintage crime one I’m going to review. I treated myself to a box and was very impressed with it. You can also email her with specifications regarding diet etc.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had a subscription with Repose for over a year and was very happy it until the time it arrived with an item missing. I politely emailed and told them (it wasn’t something as trivial as a tea bag). I was asked if the box had been damaged or tampered with as they couldn’t have made an error. The box hadn’t been but that was the end of the matter for them and the inference was I was wrong/lying, so I’m afraid I promptly cancelled my subscription.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. janetemson says:

      I am sorry to hear that Jill. Poor customer service has certainly put me off brands in the past.


  3. There will be problems with any service, but it’s not the problem that’s the issue but how it’s dealt with. It was a shame as I loved receiving it each month, but never mind, the money went towards another book sub!!


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