One Button Benny and the Gigantic Catastrophe by Alan Windram, Illustrated by Chloe Holwill-Hunter – review

Published by Little Door Books

Publication date – 4 May 2020

Source – review copy

Age range 3-6 years

Benny is back with a brand new adventure!
All the robots can’t wait for this year’s ‘Cool Cat’ competition, but
disaster strikes when the Wobblies come in the night and kidnap all the
cats – what will they do?
Will Benny have to press his ‘Emergency Button’ again?
Can they all work together to save the day?

Benny is getting his cat, Sparky, ready for the Cool Cat competition. So are all the other kid robots. Then one morning, they wake up to find the cats are gone. Kidnapped, or catnapped, in the night! Can Benny and his friends work together to rescue their cats in time for the competition?

Benny is trying to get out of washing the dishes. Then his mum sets him the task of getting Sparky ready for the Cool Cat competition. So instead of washing dirty plates, Benny sets to work making Sparky all sparkly. When he realises his cat, and all the cats on the planet have been taken, he finally gets to press his big red emergency button and help set things right.

Benny is eager to press his emergency red button, but keeps checking with his mum if now is the time. This is a great, fun, way of showing children that not everything that goes wrong in life has to be dealt with in an extreme manner.

There are echos of the Trojan horse tale about the story, which is a fun way of sowing the seed for deeper reading when older.

The story’s message is that it pays to work together to solve a problem, and that saying sorry can often mean people will help.

There are lovely illustrations throughout, each one bringing to life the words on the page and showing the little planet and its robot inhabitants. The big red emergency button is there to see, right in the middle of Benny’s tummy, there are a whole host of robot cats and a zoom into space.

A lovely tale about working together and the importance of being kind.

About the Author

Alan Windram is an award-winning author and writer of the
hugely popular Mac and Bob series of picture books and
A Puppy’s Tale, also illustrated by Chloe. One Button Benny,
their second book together, won the Bookbug Picture
Book Prize in 2019.
Alan is on the road for much of the year taking part in book
festivals, school and library events. He loves meeting the
children, telling stories, singing songs and doing some
‘robot dancing’.
Alan is an accomplished singer-songwriter with four
independent albums of original songs under his belt.
He has toured extensively with some of Scotland’s top
musical artists.
Alan lives in Argyll and Bute with his wife and two cats
Sparkie and George.

About the Illustrator

Chloe is an award-winning freelance illustrator and
designer from the Scottish Borders. This is her third picture
book with Alan Windram. Chloe attended Heriot-Watt
University to study textile design, where she discovered a
love for creating cute and quirky characters and patterns
for children. She has produced artworks for companies,
including Paperchase and Gap, and enjoys working on a
variety of commissions. Her work is a combination of
traditional hand-crafted techniques and digital
She is inspired by travelling, reading, and writing stories.

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