Beginner’s Spanish by the Superpolygotbros – guest post

The Superpolygotbros Beginner’s Spanish is out now from Audible.

Todat the brothers give a little insight into how to learn Spanish.

How to learn Spanish… in less than 20 minutes a day!

Ever wanted to learn a language but thought that it was just too difficult? We wouldn’t blame you. From media articles telling us we’re too “old” to learn to tedious chanting of pointless verbs at school, you’d be forgiven for thinking that language learning was on a par with rocket science and that, as English-speakers, we simply don’t do languages!

As born-and-bred Mancunians, we’ve spent the last 25 years learning languages and the past decade teaching them. Why, you might ask? Well, our love story with all things languages coincided with our first holiday abroad at the grand old age of 8 – a fortnight in the Spanish sun was enough motivation for us to get learning the lingo in order to speak with the other kids down at the beach. There are as many reasons to learn a language as there are languages themselves (around 7000!), but our first dabble in español then led us on to a world of adventures over the two-week holiday, the last one being haggling down the price of a handbag for Mum at the local market.

This childlike innocence and approach to language learning – with a clear emphasis on fun because, let’s face it, children’s interest quickly fades when they’re not entertained – has shaped our view ever since, enabling us to learn more than 20 languages so far, and has become our lifelong mission: to help as many people as possible to learn another language quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’ve just brought out our Beginner’s Spanish course as an Audible original, ideal for getting you prepared for your next holiday, business trip, meeting the new in-laws or even singing along to Shakira’s next hit!

In the course, you’ll be taken on a 30 lesson aventura, packed with useful everyday vocabulario throughout and, thanks to the variety of the lessons and exercises, you’ll be forming your own frases in no time at all! Need proof? You’ve just understood an entire paragraph with three brand-new Spanish words in it! Perfecto, read on!

A key aspecto of “Beginner’s Spanish” is its emphasis on the similaridades between español and inglés, showing how much you

already know of the language each lesson without any prior knowledge. Furthermore, every lesson contains invaluable tips and tricks for learning tens of new words in minutes, with fun and innovative ways of integrating even more Spanish into your daily life outside of the lessons peppered throughout.

Another important elemento is time; with each episodio lasting 20 minutes or less, learning can be done anywhere and at any time – on the way to work, picking up the kids, in the bath, or even going jogging. We believe that language learning is always about making it fit your schedule, not the other way round! Throw in a big dose of humour and fun, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success.

So, are you ready to start your first lección? ¡Vamos, let’s go!

Beginners Spanish by the Superpolyglotbros is available on Audible now.

About the Superpolygotbros

Learning a language doesn’t have to be difficult – sitting through hours of classes, reading boring lists of vocabulary or listening to someone trying to explain all that grammar. Just download this audiobook and let the Superpolyglotbros take you with them on a journey through the basics of Spanish. Full of personality and humour, this is a conversational guide to help you build the phrases and exchanges you actually need. Find out where the train station is, order a beer and strike up a conversation with a local. With this original audiobook, you’ll be entertained as you learn, building up all the skills you need to get by, and much more, in just under 10 hours of listening.

The Superpolyglotbros are twin brothers and professional language coaches with over 20 languages between them. They’ve spent years perfecting a unique approach to language learning that puts immediate understanding and effortless interaction at its heart. Their technique has helped them learn Turkish in a week and teach Danish in just five days by immersing themselves and their students in the day to day use of a language.

Full of insight and learning tips, this audiobook can be your easy companion throughout the day. Before you know it you’ll be ordering coffee in Spanish on your morning commute!

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