Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day – extract

Sylvia Day is the author of over 20 novels including Bared to You, One With You and In the Flesh. Her latest novel, Butterfly in Frost, was published by Montlake Romance on 27 August 2019.

Sylvia has kindly allowed me to share an extract of Butterfly in Frost with you.

The Frost Phenomenon Heats Up Art World Elite. That’s the headline of a lengthy article featuring several photos of the artist himself with various celebrities I’m familiar with and others I’m not. One picture in particular captivates me, because he’s smiling. As sexy as the man is regardless, he’s even more so when lit by humor. Those beautiful eyes glow. Charming grooves etch his cheeks. And his lips are full and firm, a sensualist’s delight. “I can’t believe you’re not freaking out!” Roxy scolds. “Argh. Just because you meet famous people all the time. You’re immune.” “I do not meet famous people all the time.” And I sure as hell am not immune. Something low and deep inside me quivers when I look at his face. “Hello? You’re famous, Doctor Midtown,” she counters. “And you were married to Kyler Jordan!” I wince at the dual mention of the reality series that made me a known personality and my marriage to an actor still playing the superhero role that turned him into a global commodity. Many saw my story as a fairy tale and assumed I lived a charmed life. For a while, even I believed that. Then the perfect picture shattered into a million sharp, painful shards. “Anyway,” Roxy goes on, “Garrett Frost looks like trouble, doesn’t he? He’s got bad boy written all over him.” He does. The devil-may-care vibe comes through in the confidence of his posture and the way he dresses, which is tasteful and expensive but also eclectic enough to say that fitting in isn’t something he cares to worry about. “He’s gorgeous and talented. I expect he doesn’t hear the word no very often.”

“Who would say it? Look at all the pictures of him with supermodels. Anyway, I may come over—” The doorbell rings, and I curse, so lost in examining every minute detail of Garrett Frost’s face and style that I am somewhere else entirely. “The doorbell just scared the hell out of me. Hang on. Someone’s at the door.” I glance through the semisheer privacy blind covering the wide window overlooking my front yard and spy the UPS driver walking quickly back to his waiting truck. “I’ve got a package. Let me call you back.” “Okay. Talk soon.” I return my phone to my pocket and open the door, bending to pick up the box sitting on my doorstep. Excitement lifts my spirits as I note the sender: ECRA+ Cosmeceuticals—the project that kept my sanity intact over the past year. Straightening, I hurry back inside, engaging the dead bolt quickly before heading to the kitchen for scissors. A few minutes later, I’ve got the contents spread out over my kitchen island, an assortment of skin care products in cream-andgold packaging. The logo and overall design convey high-end luxury that delivers results—exactly the right look for Cross Industries’ new line of skin care that bridges the gap between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. I carefully unseal the box of one item, trying to preserve the gorgeous packaging as much as possible. The bottle inside has me oohing with joy. Thick frosted glass shields a golden center. The sanitary airless pump is weighty gold, with a distinguishing aqua-blue band that denotes which step in the recommended skin care regimen the product falls within. Picking up the enclosed note card, I recognize Eva Cross’s handwriting.

Teagan, We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to a grand beginning! Best, Eva

The smile on my face feels good. Here is proof that despite stepping away from my life’s work in cosmetic surgery, I still managed to help create something worthwhile that might make someone in the world feel beautiful. And with a portion of the profits going to Eva’s philanthropic Crossroads Foundation, I’m contributing in a small way to improving lives beyond just beauty. I’m sniffing a drop of naturally scented serum on the back of my hand when I hear the unmistakable sound of a delivery vehicle’s sliding door. Walking back over to the window, I see a postal service truck in my driveway. Since most USPS packages are left in the locked box up at the street, I expect it’s something big and head to the door. Fact is, I do most of my shopping online, from groceries to takeout, clothes to household goods. It’s just safer that way. Grabbing my keys because the front doorknob isperpetually locked from the outside, I unlock the dead bolt and pull the door open to meet my mail carrier. And nearly run straight into Garrett Frost.

About the book

Teagan Ransom has finally settled in a place she can call home, spending time with new friends she adores, focusing on a fulfilling job, whilst reconciling the past and laying the groundwork for the future.

That is until Garrett Frost moves in next door. He’s obstinate and too bold, a raging and disruptive force of nature. Teagan recognizes the ghosts that haunt him, the torment driving him. Garrett would be risky in any form, but wounded, he’s far more dangerous. Tegan fears he could pull apart everything she has worked so hard to build, but Garret’s too determined…and too tempting.

About the author

Sylvia Day is the No.1 New York Times, No.1 USA Today & No.1 international bestselling author of over twenty award-winning novels translated into 41 languages. With tens of millions of copies of her books in print, she is a No.1 bestseller in 28 countries. Sylvia served as the 22nd President of Romance Writers of America and presently serves on the Authors Guild’s Board of Directors. Sylvia’s work has been covered in TimeVarietyPeople, The Wall Street JournalCosmopolitan, Associated PressUSA Today, and Entertainment Weekly.

*I was asked to host this extract to help promote Butterfly in Frost. I did not receive a copy of the book or any other payment for doing so.*

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