Jasper: Space Dog by Hilary Robinson – review

Published by Strauss House Productions

Publication date – 4 April 2019

Source – review copy

Illustrated by Lewis James

Jasper – Space Dog is the first in a series of hilarious stories about the ambitions of Charlie Tanner and his dog, Jasper. Released to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the story cleverly weaves facts about space missions with hilarious ideas about space. In their quest, Jasper and Charlie consult space experts to see if Jasper might make history too. Several considerations regarding the design and layout of Jasper Space Dog have been made including the use of dyslexie font and cream paper stock to assist those who may find some aspects of reading challenging.

Charlie Tanner aged 8 and his dog Jasper, are mad about the moon. So keen are they that they begin  to write to Dr Isabella Starr, Rocket Scientist.

Jasper dreams of being as space dog, and wonders if he can be the first dog to walk on the moon. He and Charlie have many questions about the moon, such as is it really made of cheese and did Michael Collins have to avoid any cows when he was orbiting the moon?

The book is a delightful correspondence between Charlie and Isabella, imparting information about the first men to walk on the moon in an engaging manner. There are lots of interesting facts, some that may have passed a grown up by.

At the back of the book are details of all the things that space exploration has impacted today, such as improvements in running shoes and cordless power tools! There is also more information about further space exploration trips and a lovely photo of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.

The book is littered with lovely illustrations to match the contents of Charlie’s letters, be it a cow jumping over the moon or Jasper riding a space buggy.

All in all a fun way for children to learn about the first moon landings. The next installment sees Jasper wanting to be a Viking. I’ll be looking out for it once it’s published.

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