My Book Moment book subscription – review

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to try the inaugural book subscription box from My Book Moment.

I’ve never had a book subscription, though the thought had crossed my mind to try one. The worry I always have though is what if I receive a copy of a book I already have? I’d just feel like my money was wasted. Then there is the procrastination over picking which theme to go for, Crime and Thriller or Popular Fiction. I tend to read more crime fiction, but do like to mix genres. Also if I read more crime fiction there is the risk that I will already have the book. I’m in the lucky position where I sometimes get books sent to me prior to publication so that risk of duplication is perhaps a little bit bigger as a result. So should I go for the popular fiction and end up with a book that I just don’t fancy reading? Yes, I do over think things. So I eventually made my choice and responded with a yes please, keen to see what would arrive.

First thing I liked about the subscription is in came in a box that could fit through the letterbox. There is nothing so bittersweet as receiving a little red card through the letterbox saying you have a parcel to collect. At least with this subscription that is not a concern.

So what about the contents?

I finally opted to go for the Popular Fiction box. In it I received a copy of The Book of Love by Fionnuala Kearney, a bar of Divine Fair Trade White Chocolate with Strawberries, two herbal teas and a Phase Zero lip gloss. The first good thing was, I didn’t have this book. Phew. Secondly, the shade of lip gloss looks like it is neutral enough to suit most people. The chocolate bar was a new one to me so that was also a plus. Just a word of advice, check the best before date of any chocolate you receive. This one was the end of March 2019, so I had better eat it quickly! The book itself sounds good and hopefully I will be able to make time for it soon.

So is the box worth the money. The book’s RRP is £8.99, so for a few pounds more you get a beauty treat, a drink and an indulgent snack. If you don’t buy many books and look forward to a surprise then yes, it may be a good option. If, like me, you have a stockpile of books squirreled away somewhere, you may want to go for a one-off box or smaller subscription period as you can’t return a book and swap it if you already have a copy.

Subscriptions are £12 per month for either box. You can choose to have a monthly payment or one of payments for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. They will contain a specially curated book, a hot drink, a snack and another treat.

You can find out more on the My Book Moment website.

*Please note, whilst I did not receive payment for reviewing the My Book Moment subscription box, I did receive a free box. Any thoughts and opinions regarding the subscription are mine.*

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  1. Loved the way you over thought if you should get one and if so which. That’s exactly what I would do! 😆


  2. It’s a lovely idea and I’ve often been tempted! However, I have such eclectic (ok, weird) taste that I suspect it would be hard to find a box that would fit, and also that didn’t send books I already have… I do however subscribe to a stationery box, which is absolutely lovely! 😀


  3. Kath says:

    Another overthinker here, and for much the same reasons as you, I have never gone for a book subscription service either. I think you made the right choice by not choosing to opt for one in your favourite genre where you’d likely have the book already. The idea of a book, chocolate and tea arriving through the letterbox is appealing more now…


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