Christie Covers – A look at the covers of Agatha Christie novels

On the final day of the Twelve Days of Christiemas I thought I’d take a look at the variety of covers that have graced the books of Agatha Christie over the years.

There are of course still first editions available out there, (for an eyewatering price). You can therefore still own a piece of the original artwork for some of her novels.

Here are a few examples taken from Harrington Books (where if you are feeling a bit flush you can buy one the books).

These two are Crime Club editions:

And here’s a proof copy, proving that the idea of giving advanced reader copies of books tantelising covers is not a new one.

I collect vintage Agatha Christie novels. I don’t often find them in the shops near where I live. Recently I popped into my local charity shop where I got chatting to one of the volunteers and mentioned I collected the books. She said she had some at home and would bring them in for me to buy. Imagine my joy when I turned up the next day to find 22 vintage editions waiting for me. Needless to say I snapped them up without even looking at them. The covers from the 1970s and 80s or there abouts are often bizarre, and sometimes border on creepy. Here are a few that stood out from my collection.

These are the Pan covers.

And here are the Fontana covers.

Here you can see the different directions the art departments at Pan and Fontana  took!

I even have an old US edition

And a Penguin classic edition

Harper Collins have revivied the era of the novels in their latest set of editions.

One of my favourites of recent years has to be this edition of Murder on the Orient Express, it so easily evokes the sense of granduer of the famous train.

There are even the facsimile editions that repeat the covers of the past.

There have been, without a doubt, many variations on the covers over the years. Some will have worked better than others. Some will have been of their time, others will be timeless. The one thing each one does, is wrap up a story that is bound to entertain.

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  1. Presumably you’ll be watching The ABC Murders on Wednesday, Janet!


  2. Much as I love a green Penguin, there is something so engaging about the really lurid covers!


  3. I’ve enjoyed your 12 Days of Christiemas very much! I have a real mongrel collection of Christies – everything from Fontana to Pan to old Book Club editions. Gathered up over 40-plus years of reading her wherever I could find one, and I wouldn’t part with them! 😀


  4. Great selection of covers. Have you got any of the Dell Mapback editions of some of Christie’s books. They’re really cool but not very easy to come across. Last year I did a quiz in which readers had to guess the Christie title based on covers from Christie novels in different languages:


    1. janetemson says:

      Great idea for a quiz! I haven’t come across any of the Dell Mapback editions. I’ll keep a look out though 🙂


  5. I like a lot the Harper Collins covers! I find it very interesting to see how the same story can have so different book covers.


    1. janetemson says:

      I agree, it’s interesting how the different art departments over time have had different interpretations 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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