The Orphan Girl by Lindsey Hutchinson – guest post

Today I’m pleased to welcome Lindsey Hutchinson to the blog. Lindsey is the author of The Lost Sisters, The Wives’ Revenge and The Workhouse Children. Her latest novel, The Orphan Girl, was published in ebook by Aria on 1 January 2018.

Today Lindsey has written a letter to her readers, telling us about The Orphan Girl.

Dear Reader,

The dining room in a wealthy household sees Lily Rae, the maid, brutally raped by the master’s son. Fear then drives her away but in months to come she finds herself pregnant.

An orphan in Victorian England, Lily has no-one to turn to. She is eventually taken in by the kindly Emily Johnston who becomes a great friend.

Losing her child in a carting accident, Lily finds work in a café. When the owner dies and the café collapses into a sink hole, Lily has to find work once more. The funeral parlour is her last resort.

Follow Lily’s life; laugh with her, cry alongside her and watch the mayhem that surrounds our orphan as she steps from one disaster to another.

Lily marries and has a daughter who is cruelly snatched away in a terrible tragedy. Trying to come to terms with her loss, Lily then loses her husband to a heart attack. Lily is alone again.

Persistently pestered by the man who raped her, trying to deal with her husband’s evil aunt and being attacked in her own home – how will Lily cope?

Will our young orphan ever find happiness? Does peace and joy feature in her future?

Read ‘The Orphan Girl’ and discover what happens to Lily Rae as she treads the uncertain path of life.

I hope you enjoy my book; you can find me on social media to let me know your thoughts.

Keep reading; lots of love,

Lindsey Hutchinson.

About the book

Taken into service, orphan Lily Rae has heard all the stories about what entitled masters think their pretty maid’s duties include. But when the very worst happens to her, she knows scrubbing the scullery floors of Ryder House no longer provide refuge from the sadistic Sebastian Ryder… Cold and alone, Lily makes for the town of Wednesbury, knowing she has only herself to rely on…

Tilley Green has nothing to her name except a fine figure her worn, patched-up clothes can’t disguise, and the voice of an angel. Destined to be a chorus-hall star Tilley must first escape the clutches of her opportunistic and violent manager, a certain Seb Ryder…

Life has been a long tough struggle for both Lily and for Tilley, but the town of Wednesbury just could be where they can find their own glimmer of happiness…

About the author

Lindsey lives in Shropshire with her husband and dog. She loves to read and has recently discovered photography. She is the daughter of million-copy bestselling author Meg Hutchinson.

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