Me Life Story: Sofa so Good! by Scarlett Moffatt – review

Published by Blink Publishing

Publication date – 18 October 2017

Source – review copy

Hiya, my name’s Scarlett Moffatt and I love random facts. Almost as much as I love sitting on me sofa. You might know me best from my most famous and celebrated sit thus far on the I’m A Celebrity throne. You might also know me from all sorts of other seats, most especially my Gogglebox sofa. Well this book is my attempt at telling me life story through a whole series of them!

So I’d like you right now to stop what you’re doing and take a seat, whether it be in the comfort of your own home, on the top deck of the bus, on the tube (so you don’t have to make eye contact with anybody) or on the throne of the house (a.k.a. the toilet). I want you to get comfortable and get ready to laugh, cry and maybe even learn a bit, as I chat to you about some of the highs and lows of me life.

I’ll start out by saying I’ve never watched Gogglebox. I’ve a vague idea that it’s about watching people on TV watch TV. The irony is I rarely watch TV. But I had watched I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here! last year, when Scarlett Moffatt was crowned Queen of the Jungle. I, like many people, thought that Scarlett was a well deserved winner and when I was asked if I would like to read her autobiography I was interested to read about her experiences.

Me Life Story is peppered with humour. And facts. Scarlett says from the outset she loves facts and quotes and these open and close each chapter.

Scarlett is quite candid in her life experiences. She is open about the terrible bullying she suffered at school and quite rightly says she doesn’t countenance those bullies claiming friendship years later now that she has achieved something they have not. She is also open about the fact that this bullying experience changed her and made her more determined to succeed.

There were many things I recognised from my own childhood in Scarlett’s reminiscences such as the familiar family holidays and circling presents in the catalogues. Scarlett too was a quiet child who loved reading and wasn’t interested in getting drunk with the other kids or indeed trying to much to fit in with other children’s ideas of what is ideal, which I found refreshing. Her strong personality and drive is evident from a young age.

In the book the reader finds out how the Moffatts came to be on Gogglebox, and how Scarlett found her experiences in the Jungle. The book is written in a friendly, down to earth manner, the written equivalent of a friendly chat as it really does feel as if Scarlett had fun writing the book.

An interesting, entertaining chat in book form, this would interest any Gogglebox or Scarlett Moffatt fan.

(synopsis and cover picture from Amazon)

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