A little piece of my heart – guest post by Vanessa Greene

Today I’m pleased to welcome Vanessa Greene to the blog. Vanessa is the author of The Vintage Teacup Club, The Seafront Tearooms, Tuesdays at the Teacup Club, The Beachfront Guesthouse and a digital short story Summer Evenings at the Seafront Hotel. Her latest novel, The Little Pieces of You and Me was published by Sphere on 11 August 2016.

Today Vanessa has written a piece for the blog called ‘A little piece of my heart: Ruminations on love.


There’s a special something about a love that crosses borders. In my novel Little Pieces…, Isla and Rafael meet on neutral territory, in Amsterdam – she is English, from Bristol, and he is Mexican. Their home countries matter (because experiences in their pasts are imprinted on both of them) and yet, when it comes to connection, the distance between the places they happened to be born doesn’t matter at all. These two share a love of the outdoors, of adventure, of the same books. Isla’s life has been smooth sailing, while Rafa is scarred by events in his past.


I’m from London and my husband is from Yorkshire. Aside from the odd squabble about how our son should pronounce ‘raspberry’, it’s pretty straightforward for us. We’re lucky. This year there’s been a lot of talk about the free movement of people – immigrants, refugees, who deserves to live where and why. When we talk about these things, we’re also talking about who is allowed a space to fall in love, or to love safely. Love is often what drives people to start new lives abroad – sometimes ones involving massive upheaval. After the events of this summer, I wonder about the people who might have met and fallen in love here in England, who now might not. Perhaps – and I hope this will be so – their paths will cross in some other place.

About the author:


Vanessa Greene is the author of four novels: The Vintage Teacup Club, The Seafront Tea Rooms, The Beachside Guest House and The Little Pieces of You and Me. She writes about (and believes in) the value of female friendship, as well as the restorative power of tea and cake. She lives in north London with her husband and young son and daughter. Vanessa loves to hear from readers so drop her a line on Twitter (@VanessaGBooks) or Facebook (VanessaGreeneBooks).

About the Book:

“A story of friendship, heartbreak and the day that changed two lives forever

When life as you know it changes, will it define you, destroy you or make you stronger?

Best friends Isla and Sophie made each other a promise a long time ago: to never let life pass them by. Years later, Isla is in love, living abroad and fulfilling her dreams. But for Sophie, things haven’t turned out the way she was expecting and she hasn’t achieved any of the things she and Isla talked about.

And then, in one sudden moment, life irrevocably changes for both women.

Isla and Sophie have hard decisions to make but above all else they must face up to the uncertainty that lies ahead. It’s only when they realise that this is easier together, two friends standing side by side, that each woman can embrace whatever the future holds for them.

Emotional, poignant and uplifting, The Little Pieces of You and Me is a story about old friends, new beginnings and what happens when being strong is your only choice. It will take your breath away.

The Little Pieces of You and Me by Vanessa Greene is published by Sphere and available to buy now.

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