Come on Daisy! by Jane Simmons – review

Published by Orchard

Publication date 2 September 2004

Source – own copy


“Daisy the duckling is lost! Will she find her way back to Mamma?

Mamma Duck tells Daisy to stay close, but Daisy thinks that chasing dragonflies and bouncing on lilypads looks much more fun . . .

This warm and comforting story, starring Daisy the duck, has been delighting children for over 15 years.”

Daisy is a duckling who fails to listen to Mama’s calls to keep up. She is forever distracted by dragonflies, fishes and frogs. After wandering away Daisy ends up on her own and has to find Mama again.

This is the favourite book of the youngest member of the family. My one year old demands the ‘duck duck book’ at night time and I can guarantee I will have to read it at least three times each evening. My reading is accompanied by shouts of ‘come on Daisy, ‘Mamma!’ and theatrical shivering and bouncing at appropriate places in the story. To engage a child so completely in a story and to see the excitement when the book is produced is enough to convince me this is a perfect children’s book.

There is of course an important moral to the tale of how it is important to keep close to grown ups, that there are hidden dangers everywhere and that play time can still be fun, its just that it needs to be safe too.

The illustrations perfectly match the story. They are in fact beautiful paintings, the brush work apparent in the images and add a whimsical and soft edge to match the words. The story itself is perfectly paced. It is not a rhyming story but the short sentence structure and repetition of words and phrases aids interaction and allows children to ‘read’ the story for themselves.

This is a delightful story with beautiful illustrations and is the perfect addition to any young child’s reading pile.

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