Toppling the TBR Pile – Headline 2016

So the TBR pile has remained solidly where it is for a while so I thought it high time to risk a cascade of novels by looking at more new titles heading our way this year. This time it’s the turn of Headline to tempt us to spend our pocket money in the local bookshop in the first half of the year.

January saw the release of the latest novel to feature Inspector Ikmen, On the Bone by Barbara Nadel. A man dies in the street in Istanbul. The autopsy reveals human flesh in his stomach. Ikmen must trace the man’s steps and find the victim. (Headline)

Also published this month was the warm, romantic You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell. On Lily’s 25th birthday it is time to open the final letter from her mother, who died when she was eight. In it she finds out more about her mother’s one true love and is determined to track him down. On the same day she meets Eddie Tessler, a celebrity in hiding. Lily is flattered by Eddie’s attentions but her best friend Dan isn’t so keen. You can read my review of this lovely novel here and read a Q&A with Jill Mansell here. (Headline Review)

January also saw the publication of In the Land of Paper Gods by Rebecca Mackenzie. China, 1941. Henrietta Robertson is at a boarding school high in the mountains. Her parents are missionaries and Etta is soon discovered by her school friends to have a divine calling of her own and so the Prophetess Club is born. As rumours of war become more insistent, the club’s quest becomes more urgent and in the mystical landscape reality, make believe, good and bad becomes blurred. And Etta’s pilgrimage begins. (Tinder Press)

A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman was published in paperback this month. Marvellous Ways is 89 years old and lives alone in a remote Cornish Creek. She has taken to siting by the river with a telescope. She is waiting, though she don’t know what she’s waiting for. Drake is a soldier home from the second World War. Fulfilling a promise to a dying man he arrives at the Creek and Marvellous comes to his aid. (Tinder Press)

The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry was also published in paperback in January. Everyone remembers their first kiss, but what about their last? 1961 and Rosamund meets Dominic. Just as their future appears certain, happiness is snatched from them. 2014 and Abby Gordon finds a picture of a man saying goodbye to the woman he loves. Obsessed with the photo she looks into the story more, and is about to discover a secret even more extraordinary. (Headline Review)

January also saw the release of Invader by Simon Scarrow and T.J. Andrews, (Headline), The Miner’s Daughter by Jennie Felton, (Headline), The Blood of Kings: Tintagel Book I by M.K. Hume (Headline Review), The Fall by John Lescroart, (Headline), The Protector by S.J. Deas, (Headline) and Nymphs by Sari Luhtanen and Kiikko Oikkonen. (Headline)

February sees the publication of Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman. Actress Zelda Chase suffers a bizarre psychotic episode and is shortly after found dead. Years earlier Alex Delaware had treated her son Ovid, who is now missing. Alex and his friend, Detective Milo Sturgis are investigating the case.  And when more victims vanish from the same neighbourhood, the pressure mounts and Alex and Milo are in a race against time to find the killer. (Headline) I love the Alex Delaware series and am currently reading Breakdown so keep a look out for my review.

Also available this month is The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan. Every year Roisin has received a birthday card from her birth mother. Then on her 30th birthday she receives a letter, one which shakes her world and reminds her adoptive mother, Keeley, of her guilty secret she has been hiding all of Roisin’s life. Then there is Nell, keeping watch in a lighthouse, hiding from her past. Until a runaway turns up and offer them all hope. (Headline Review)

Look at Me by Sarah Dugid is out in February too. Lizzy lives with her father and brother in North London. Two years ago her mother died. One day she finds a letter to her father and discovers he has a secret daughter. In defiance she invited her to stay. And then realises her mistake. Look At Me explores grief, the balance between moving forward and not leaving the past behind and the effect of family upheaval. (Tinder Press)

The Silvered Heart by Katherine Clements is out in paperback this month. It is 1648 and Katherine Ferrrers privileged life is about to crumble. An orphaned heiress, she is forced to marry but that marriage turns out to be a prison and her fortune is seized by her husband. Katherine becomes desperate and then she meets a man who can offer her a dangerous way out. Based on the true story of Katherine Ferrers, Highwaywoman, this is a story of love, betrayal and survival. (Headline).

Also out this month is Find Her by Lisa Gardner, (Headline), Dominion by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard, (Headline), The Silver Tide by Jen Williams, (Headline), Cake: The Short & Surprising History of our Favourite Bakes by Alysa Levene (Headline) (not fiction I know but its about cakes so needs no explanation), Alone in the Dark by Karen Rose, (Headline), Tin Men by Christopher Golden, (Headline Review), My Mother’s Secret by Sheila O’Flanagan, (Headline Review), The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer, (Headline), The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw, (Tinder Press) and Last Resort by Quintin Jardine. (Headline)

On to March and the fourth Paula Maguire book by Claire McGowan is released. In A Savage Hunter, the disappearance of 22 year old Alice Morgan raises questions for Paula Maguire. Alice is the daughter of a life peer in the Home Office and has disappeared with a holy relic, the only thing left behind are bloodstains on an altar. (Headline)

Also out is Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye. Jane Steele has suffered at the hands of her aunt and schoolmaster, like her heroine Jane Eyre. They call her wicked, as Jane Eyre was called, but this Jane feels it may be true. She flees, leaving behind the bodies of her tormentors. Then she meets and falls in love with Charles Thornfield and worries that he will discover her murderous past. (Headline Review)

Out in paperback is The Mountain Can Wait by Sarah Leipciger. A young man hits a young woman with his car when she suddenly appears on the road in front of him. He decides not to stop and drives away, changing more than one life in the process. Tom Berry is a hunter who has raised his two children, Curtis and Erin, singlehandedly. When the police contact him to say that Curtis is missing, Tom knows that he is the only one to find his son and must face past hurts in the process. (Tinder Press)

Also out this month is Heart and Home by Lyn Andrews, (Headline), Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovitch and Phoef Suttton, (Headline Review), The Prisoner’s Gold (The Hunters 3) by Chris Kuzneski, (Headline) (you can read a guest post from Chris here), The Silent Dead by Claire McGowan, (Headline Review), Career Game by Louise Mensch, (Headline Review), The Second Death by Peter Tremayne, (Headline)

Next comes April and plenty of books to enjoy along with the showers. The One In A Million Boy by Monica Wood is out this month. This is the story of an unlikely friendship between a woman of 104 and a world record obsessed 11 year old boy who does odd jobs at her home. And his father who is determined to finish what his son has started. But its also about more than that. Its about grief, the invisiblity of old age, about discovering there is always more life to be lived. (Headline Review)

A book that I am eagerly awaiting is out this month. Tastes Like Fear by Sarah Hilary is the third book in the Marnie Rome series. A young girl causes a fatal car crash and disappears. A young runaway wants to go home. To the one man who she trusts. To the man who gives shelter to other lost girls. To Harm. When Marnie Rome begins to investigate the young girl’s disappearance she’s not prepared for what she is about to meet. For when Harm’s family is threatened, everything tastes like fear…(Headline) You can read my reviews of Someone Else’s Skin and No Other Darkness, the first two in the series by clicking on the links.

Tenacity by J.S. Law is out in paperback this month.  A sailor has hanged himself aboard a submarine. Lieutenant Danielle Lewis knows that the sailor’s wife was murdered only days before. Now Dan must enter the submarine to investigate. Facing hostility and with a possible killer on board Dan realises she may have to choose between her life and the truth. (Headline)

Also out this month is The Second Love of My Life by Victoria Walters, (Headline Review), Eden Gardens by Louise Brown, (Headline Review), Revenge in a Cold River by Anne Perry (Headline), The Leopards of Normandy: Duke by David Churchill, (Headline), Javelin Rain by Myke Cole, (Headline), Britannia (Eagles of the Empire 14) by Simon Scarrow, (Headline), After Alice by Gregory Maguire, (Headline), Last Ragged Breath (Bell Elkins 4) by Julia Keller, (Headline), Treachery at Lancaster Gate by Anne Perry, (Headline) and Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith. (Headline)

On to May and the sixth DI Damen Brook novel, Death Do Us Part by Stephen Dunne is out. DI Brook is having some leave, trying to reconnect with his daughter but her drinking is making that difficult. Called to a crime scene he finds an elderly couple have been shot, echoing the killing of a gay couple the previous month. Forced by his superiors to take the case Brook believes he can catch the killer. But distracted by the issues with his daughter will he make a mistake and bring the killer to him? (Headline)

Already causing a social media storm is This Must be the Place by Maggie O’Farrell. Daniel Sullivan and his family are traveling in the car when he hears a voice on the radio, one he has not heard for decades. He learns that the sad, talented woman it belongs to died shortly after he left her. Daniel attempts to discover the truth behind his decision to leave his first love, with disastoruous consequences. The story is not just his, it also involves his three estranged children from a previous marriage, his reclusive wife and the family they have raised. (Tinder Press)

Also out this month is The Butterfly Summer by Harriet Evans. Keepsake is a forgotten house down by a hidden creek. For Nina Parr it holds the truth about her family and the chance to put right the wrongs of the past. (Headline Review)

Also out this month is Six Tudor Queens: Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir, (Headline Review), Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick, (Headline), Private Investigations by Quintin Jardine, (Headline), Let the Good Times Roll by Lynda Page, (Headline), Death by Water by Torkil Damhaug, (Headline), Get Even by Martina Cole, (Headline) and The Scam by Janet Evanovitch and Lee Goldberg. (Headline Review)

Finally we come to June and there’s a new novel from Adele Parks. I can’t tell you anything about it as its as yet untitled and there’s no blurb to read but there is a book coming so Adele Parks fans make a note! (Headline Review)

Her Husband’s Lover by Julia Crouch is out this month. Louisa Williams lost her husband Sam and children in a car crash. Sam had always said they wouldn’t get away from him and that he would hound Louisa until she died if she tried to leave, but she can’t believe he would harm their children. Then there is Sophie, the woman he betrayed her with. And Sophie wants to destroy Louisa and take what she thinks she is owed: the life she would have had, had Sam lived. (Headline)

June also brings with it have paperback edition of The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman. Psychologist Grace Blades helps troubled souls but has had her own share of heartache. She witnessed her parents deaths in a murder-suicide when she was only 5 years old and has a dark secret side to her. Her two lives come together when she recognises one of her clients from  a recent encounter. Andrew Toner is desperate for Grace’s help so is willing to ignore their connection. Grace refuses. This is a decision she comes to regret when a homicide detective visits her. Grace fears that a police investigation will expose her double life so she sets out on her own investigation. Once which leads her back to the life she had left behind. (Headline)

Finally the paperback edition of The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop is out this month. 1963 and Charlotte is struggling to regain her identity as a painter. Her husband, Henry can’t face the thought of another winter in England. When a brochure for Australia arrives she is too tired to resist and finds herself in Perth. But Charlotte and Henry soon realise that the new life in Australia isn’t the answer they were looking for and Charlotte wonders where in fact she does belong. (Tinder Press)

Also out this month is The Missing Wife by Sheila O’Flanagan, (Headline Review), The Dead Woman of Deptford by Ann Granger, (Headline), the paperback edition of On the Bone by Barbara Nadal, (Headline), the paperback edition of You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell, (Headline Review), The Poisoned Throne: Tintagel Book II by M.K.Hume, (Headline Review), Liverpool Gems by Anne Baker, (Headline), Thunderbird by Jack McDevitt, (Headline) and Hearts of Stone by Simon Scarrow. (Headline)

So there we have it, a bounty of books to tempt even the most reluctant of bookworms. I know what I’ve got on my wishlist. What about you?

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    1. janetemson says:

      Haha. It exhausts me when I’m writing the post if that makes it any better 🙂


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    Phew, you do a great job with these posts Janet, but you keep adding to my wishlist!


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  2. What a great round up. A new Maggie O’Farrell is always cause for celebration!


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      Thanks. There are some great books coming out this year 🙂

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