Get Shorties – Sandra Foy on short story competitions

Today’s short story post is from blogger Sandra Foy. Here Sandra talks about facing her fear and entering a short story competition. My thanks to Sandra for a great guest post.

I used to have highfalutin ideas about becoming a novelist. I would try ideas out thinking they were brilliant, only to realise after a few days that it was not going to be the next To Kill A Mockingbird and I certainly wasn’t going to be the next Harper Lee.

However, one day, I was trawling through one of the reading websites and came across a competition for a short story. The prize was a mass of books given by Thunderpoint Publishers. The only requirement was to have the word thunderpoint in the story.

My interest piqued, I set about writing, once I started I found it flowed surprisingly easily and before I could think twice and chicken out I pressed send on the computer.

As the weeks passed I forgot all about the competition, until one morning an email arrived; congratulation you are our short story competition winner! I was over the moon. I had never won anything in my life never mind a literary competition.

The Booker Prize it wasn’t and it’s not the best short story in the world but I am still quite proud of myself, and I got a huge box of new books to read. 🙂🙂

Here’s the link to the story if anyone is interested in reading it:

Sandra blogs at readingwrites so do visit her blog to see her reviews.

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  1. Sarah Hardy says:

    What a great post and well done Sandra x


    1. janetemson says:

      Thanks Sarah, all Sandra’s great work 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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