Fahrenheit Press – exclusive and exciting news about Book 2

I’m very excited to bring you an exclusive today. Chris McVeigh from Fahrenheit Press is back to talk about the second book to be published by them. And how it has made an Amazon first before it has even been released.

Fahrenheit Press – Book Two
When we first appeared here on Janet’s blog a little over a month ago we were just about to launch our first title. 
A lot has happened since then and thankfully our debut book A Slow Death by James Craig has been critically applauded and has sold really well.

We promised in that first interview that we’d do things differently and I think so far we’ve lived up to that. Certainly we’ve wound up the publishing establishment enough that they’ve either closed ranks or they’ve done their best to copy us. 

We’re happy either way. We set out to shake things up and we have. In fact we know of one Big 5 publisher who has fundamentally changed the way they apply their metadata as a result of our success making them look stupid. So that’s a massive win for us and for their authors right there. 

We always wanted Fahrenheit Press to feel like a gang that both the authors and the readers are equal partners in. Take a look at our twitter account and I pretty sure you’ll agree we’re doing that in a way no other publishing house is.

So with our second book on the starting grid we’ve decided to shake things up again.

We want our readers to trust us to only publish books that are worthy of their attention so we’ve kicked off the campaign for our second book by initiating a huge experiment in trust between publisher and reader. 

We’ve listed our 2nd book anonymously on Amazon. No title. No author. No blurb and we’ll keep it there at half price for exactly a week.

We want our readers to show us that they trust us to deliver great books and with #BookTwo we promise to deliver a book beyond their expectations.

If there’s one book on our launch list that’s destined to be a cult classic it’s this one.
The author is a man who’s own life story is a movie waiting to happen. The story itself is genuinely gripping from the first page to the last and will take readers deep into a fascinating world that has all but disappeared. Even the cover to this book is a thing of beauty – crafted by a BAFTA winning designer who has been immersed in the subject matter of the book for many years.

This is the first time in their history that Amazon has ever listed a book with no author, no title and no details – and we’d like to thank them for allowing us to launch this unique publishing experiment.

BookTwo will be live on Amazon for only a few more days before we unveil the author and unwrap the cover, so if you want to make yourself a part of a very cool publishing story you only have a few days left. 

We can exclusively reveal here that everyone who buys #BookTwo while it’s still ‘wrapped’ will be have their name printed in the final version of the book to thank them and to mark their status as a friend and supporter of Fahrenheit Press. 

Told you this was gonna be fun. 

Chris McVeigh

You can pre-order Book 2 here



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