Loved Up

After last week’s Killing Spree today see the start of something a little more different on the blog. Monday to Friday this week will see posts that all celebrating romantic fiction. Romance is often a common theme in books, from women’s fiction to literary fiction, love and its various forms are great subjects for novels. I love reading a piece of good romantic fiction. There is wonderful escapism to be found in women’s fiction and I often find that these warm, funny books are the literary equivalent to a hug.

There are authors who’s new novels I always have to read, Katie Fforde and Christina Jones being two firm favourites. As I’ve started to review books I’ve been fortunate to come across authors whose novels I would possibly have missed. I have a few in the to read pile that I am particularly looking forward to and I can’t wait to share my reviews with you.

Let me know which authors you’d recommend, the ones that make you laugh, smile and whose books you will always be on the look out for.

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  1. Rachel Hall says:

    Hi Janet,

    For a moment I thought this was a relationship status update.. I was about to say don’t rub it in!!


    1. janetemson says:

      Haha, sorry. I could have perhaps come up with a more original title but that would require thinking and I’m not that great at that 🙂


      1. Rachel Hall says:

        Janet, invention is not my strong point either..please don’t apologise! You’ve done some great posts recently.

        Many thanks, Rachel


      2. janetemson says:

        Thanks Rachel, much appreciated. I’ve been a bit proactive and organised stuff. Normal sporadic service will resume soon – I’ve tired myself out 🙂


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