Want to read my diary? – Guest post by Jack Croxall

Today Jack Croxall has kindly stopped by the blog and written a guest post taking about why he ‘made’ his protagonist write a diary in his latest book, Wye.

Want to read my diary?

A diary is an immensely personal thing. People pour their innermost thoughts and emotions into the pages of a diary, often because they think it’s their special, secret place. But have you ever found someone’s diary? The temptation to read is strong, made even stronger by the fact that you’re not supposed to, you’re not allowed to.

With the world transformed in a matter of days, Wye chooses to record her life in the pages of an old notebook. But, as the author, it was obviously my choice, not hers. And I think it was a good one. After all that’s happened to her, it’s only natural that Wye would look for some sort of outlet. Having her use a diary as that release gave me scope to tell her story in an incredibly intimate way.

It also allowed me to play with the conventions of journal writing. Wye is having trouble deciphering real from not real, truth from fiction. That meant I could toy with the reader: is reality skewed here? Is Wye trying to trick you?

But a book based solely on that concept would be little more than a gimmick. When it comes down to it, it’s the story that matters, and, more specifically, the character or characters driving that story. To me, Wye is a story of loss, and how loss can affect us. It’s the story of one girl’s journey towards a place she hopes will save her. Even though that journey is through a strange dystopian world, I do hope readers can relate to her plight.

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Jack Croxall - Author Photo Portrait

About the book:

Wye Cover Small

Wye is losing hope. Sixteen and travelling through a rich wilderness with three other teenagers, she should be having the time of her life. And she might be if it weren’t for the thing hunting her; the tireless creature desperate to tear her and her friends limb from limb.

Through the remembered lessons of her favourite writers, Wye has been trying to make sense of the cruel world she’s found herself inhabiting. But it’s not working. Wherever she turns there are monsters and memories, both of them poised to devour her if she can’t find a way to live with herself. What follows is Wye’s last chance at salvation, what follows is her journal.

Wye is standalone dystopian novel by Jack Croxall, author of Tethers. (Synopsis from Amazon)

You can buy Wye on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1BSNwuN


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