The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox – Review

Published by Henery Press

Publication Date – 10 June 2014

Source – NetGalley


“Warm, charming, and flat-out funny—a delightful debut!” – Sarah Bird, Bestselling Author of The Boyfriend School and The Gap Year

A broken leg requires an orthopedist. A broken car requires a mechanic. And a broken heart requires a specialist too. The Breakup Doctor is now in.

Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker-in-reverse. Let others bring people together; Brook, licensed mental health counselor, picks up the pieces after things come apart. When her own therapy practice collapses, she maintains perfect control: landing on her feet with a weekly advice-to-the-lovelorn column and a successful consulting service as the Breakup Doctor: on call to help you shape up after you breakup.

But when her own relationship suddenly crumbles, Brook finds herself engaging in almost every bad-breakup behavior she preaches against. And worse, she starts a rebound relationship with the most inappropriate of men: a dangerously sexy bartender with anger-management issues—who also happens to be a former patient.

As her increasingly out-of-control behavior lands her at rock-bottom, Brook realizes you can’t always handle a messy breakup neatly—and that sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you let yourself fall apart.”

3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion of the book.

Brook Ogden has a successful practice as a counsellor and is in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship. She suddenly finding herself without an office, and her colleagues deserting her to new roles. Following on from saving her friend Sash from yet another break up disaster she falls into a new role – The Breakup Doctor. She lands a column in the local paper, giving advice on getting over a broken relationship and soon finds new clients flooding in. But then Brook’s seemingly perfect relationship breaks down, and all her advice goes unheeded as she breaks every rule in the break up book…

I’d had this book sat on my Kindle for some time and started to read it after scanning through the books that were waiting to be read. I was soon drawn into the story and whizzed through it in no time.

I liked Phoebe Fox’s writing style. The story was engaging and I loved the setting and could easily imagine myself walking around the streets of Florida or surveying the damage in Brook’s ‘do-up’ house.

The characters were also easily imagined. I loved Brook’s friend Sasha, who added a comic element to the story. Brook came across as a conflicting character. She seemed friendly, kind and intelligent, offering sound break up advice and so the fact she could not see her behaviour went against all this and that her relationship was founded on white lies and was in fact a rebound was sometimes a little unbelievable, though that was of course the point of the story! There were some cringe inducing moments when I almost shouted at her not to do something that was obviously going to lead to trouble.

This book was funny but also sad in some respects given it is dealing with the break up of relationships. This is less a love story but more of a ‘love yourself’ story, showing how you need to sometimes take a step back, hold on to your dignity and let go of the past.

Bedside Manners, the second book in the series is out now.

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