A little thank you

I am lucky to receive a number of books through the post. Some I request from publishers, others I received unsolicited. Sometimes I win competitions. Every book that lands through the letterbox is gratefully received. I don’t expect them and don’t take them for granted.

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition run by Penguin Schools UK. They were offering a selection of ten books for a school or library to three lucky winners and I happened to be one of those winners. I had entered the competition with little expectation of winning and had fleetingly thought of who I could give the prize to, given I don’t work in a school or library.

On hearing I had won I had to give more thought to who the books could go to. I could donate them to my children’s nursery, or perhaps the local school. Then I remembered the new Children’s Hospice opened recently in my home town. Forget-Me-Not Trust is a charity that cares for families who have a child with a life shortening illness. Currently they help 100 families and have 700 other families in the local area that need their help. Each year they need to raise at least £3.2 million pounds to carry out their vital role to these families. The majority of this has to be raised by fundraising as the Government provide only 4% of the funds needed to continue.

Whilst I can do little myself to help in raising these funds I thought a donation of a few books may mean freeing up some cash to spend in other areas of the charity.

So I asked Penguin if it would be ok to donate to Forget Me Not who of course said this was more than fine. I called Forget Me Not to ensure they would want the books and to see which age ranges they would prefer. They were delighted and confirmed that they helped children from newborn to 18. A short while later the books arrived, and a long while later I managed to pop down and deliver the books.

Penguin kindly sent a lovely selection of books that included titles from Malorie Blackman, Bear Grylls and Jacqueline Wilson. Hopefully the residents at Forget Me Not will get much enjoyment from them.

I avoided having my picture taken but Ryan at Forget Me Not kindly sent me this picture of their fundraiser Sammie.



So to the children at Forget Me Not, I hope you enjoy the books. And to Penguin and all other publishers, thanks as always for the titles an for allowing me to pass the gift of receiving pleasure from reading on to others.

If you’d like to find out more about the Forget Me Not Trust you can visit their website here http://www.forgetmenotchild.co.uk/

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  1. Steph says:

    What a beautiful post Janet. A family member lost her life when she was twelve and she had a lot of pleasure from actions such as yours and Penguin. I’m sure the children and their family members will get a lot of pleasure from your gift xx


    1. janetemson says:

      Thanks Steph. Sorry to hear about your relative. It seemed such an obvious choice to donate to Forget Me Not when the idea struck me. It’s not much but hopefully does help in some small way xx

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