On Reading Neil White by Liz Barnsley – Guest Post

Today I have a guest post from book blogging royalty – Liz Barnsley. Liz blogs at LizLovesBooks and is one of the many bloggers I admire. Liz has kindly written a piece explaining about Neil White’s books breathed life into her reading habits and reignited an old love.


On Reading Neil White.


There was a time in my reading life, going back a few years now, where I fell out of love with Crime fiction. A staple genre for me ever since I was a teenager, I found myself bored by the endlessly repetitive plots, the detectives with the same old issues, for a while it was almost like reading the same novel over and over and over again. Oh there were a few favourites who still kind of held my attention – but I had stopped reading it avidly and moved on to, frankly, rather more lightweight fiction.

For a time I thought I would probably not return to reading every new crime novel I could get my hands on, but then Fallen Idols happened. Couldn’t tell you why I picked it up now (to be honest I rather think it was because it was in an offer that I needed a third book for and thought it would do) but whatever the reason there it was, on my shelf, ignored for a while but eventually picked up.

Well I read THAT one in a single breathless sitting and fell in love with Crime fiction all over again. Just like that, rather as if I’d walked into a cool breeze on the hottest of days, main protagonists Jack and Laura restored my faith in all that is fantastic about murder. And mayhem. They were a perfect pairing, involved in a truly intriguing mystery that managed to avoid all the clichés and at last here was a book that could simply be it’s own thing.

Every book since has had enough difference to be better than the last, whilst having that comforting feeling of knowing you are going to get a stonking good read. Jack and Laura retired now (perhaps not forever, let’s hope) there have been standalone books and most recently the Parker Brothers trilogy which will conclude when the Domino Killer is released on the 30th July. Never disappointing and ever compelling, I have loved every one.

Neil White simply writes great Crime fiction. His characters are always full of depth, the mystery elements always spot on, he DEFINITELY writes the greatest death scenes and overall I would put him in the top 5 British Crime writers who are actively publishing today. No I won’t say who the other four are but Mark Billingham is one…

So on reading Neil White the only thing left to say is – go do it. Because I sure will be reading them for as long as he’s writing them.


About the Book:

GetAttachment (9)

“Brothers Joe and Sam Parker return in the breathtaking follow-up to Next to Die.

Joe Parker is Manchester’s top criminal defence lawyer and Sam Parker – his brother – is a brilliant detective with the Greater Manchester Police force. Together they must solve a puzzling case that is chilling Manchester to the bone…

The Death Collector is charming, sophisticated and intelligent, but he likes to dominate women, to make them give themselves to him completely; to surrender their dignity and their lives. He’s a collector of beautiful things, so once he traps them he’ll never let them go.

Joe is drawn into the Death Collector’s world and when the case becomes dangerous, Sam is the first person he turns to. In this gripping thriller, danger lurks for not only the Parker brothers, but also those closest to them.”

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The Death Collector is published by Sphere on 16 July 2015

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