Book Advent Calendar – 24 December

And so we come to the final book to be revealed in this inaugural book advent calendar. I do hope you’ve had as much fun as I have seeing what has been revealed each day.

Today’s book is rather an obvious choice but one that had to be made. This is probably one of the most well known, and well loved, Christmas tales. So entrenched has it become in our lives that the lead character’s name has become synonymous with describing someone without Christmas spirit. It has seen numerous on screen adaptations and has even reached the dizzying heights of being made into a film starring The Muppets! It is a tale that shows it is never too late to change, to embrace what is good in our lives and to see how we can affect others, a tale that is fit for any time of year, but just happens to be set at Yule Tide. If I’m honest it is the only book of Charles Dickens I have read to completion, but it would probably spoil me for any of his others. Whilst it is short on word count, particularly for Dickens, it is full of rich, enthralling content.

It is of course A Christmas Carol.



(image from

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