Maximum Exposure – Jenny Harper, guest post and giveaway

Today on the blog Jenny Harper, author of Maximum Exposure tells us a little about writing her new novel and why she loved writing about her character Daisy.

Maximum Exposure WEBWhat they say:

‘She’s a professional photographer – but is she ready to expose her heart?

Adorable but scatterbrained newspaper photographer Daisy Irvine becomes the key to the survival of The Hailesbank Herald when her boss drops dead right in front of her. And while big egos and petty jealousies hinder the struggle to save the paper, Daisy starts another campaign – to win back her ex, Jack Hedderwick.

Ben Gillies, returning after a long absence, sees childhood friend Daisy in a whole new light. He’d like to win her love, but discovers that she’s a whole lot better at taking photographs than making decisions, particularly when she’s blinded by the past.

When tragedy strikes Daisy’s family, loyalty drives her home. But it’s time to grow up and Daisy must choose between independence and love.’




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Guest Post by Jenny Harper

I like to write about characters with busy, demanding lives and who face challenging issues both at work and in their personal relationships. And I find real people complicated, so why shouldn’t my heroes and heroines be complicated too? They can make bad decisions, chase the wrong dreams, fall in love with the wrong people, have regrets …

Daisy is the youngest of my heroines to date. She has the least history and the most growing up to do. But I loved writing about her. She’s adorable, for all her faults. I don’t often get emotional when I’m writing difficult scenes, but I have to confess there were a couple of scenes near the end where I had to reach for the hankies myself.

Which ones? Sorry – you’ll have to decide that for yourselves!

I love doing research for my novels. Usually, I decide on my heroine’s profession and perhaps dig about online a bit, but it’s only when I go and talk to people actually working in the field that my heroines really come to life. And that’s when the magic starts!

Maximum Exposure is the third in my ‘Heartlands’ series of novels. The Heartlands (notionally set near Edinburgh, Scotland) is the ancient name for the imaginary area around the fictional town of Hailesbank, the village of Forgie and the council estate called Summerfield. A fourth title, The People We Love will be published in February, also by Accent Press.


Jenny-1Author Bio:

Jenny Harper lives in Edinburgh. She is the author of four books about Scotland and Scottish culture, a history of childbirth, and The Sleeping Train for young

readers. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys walking in the Scottish countryside or anywhere warm, and travelling to Europe, America and India.


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