Blog Tour – The Bookshop on the Corner – Q&A with Rebecca Raisin

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Today is my stop on the blog tour for The Bookshop on the Corner and author Rebecca Raisin, who also writes the Gingerbread Cafe series of books, kindly took some time out of her manic writing schedule to answer some questions.

Thanks so much for having me here, Janet!

  1. What’s the Bookshop on the Corner about?

It’s about a girl called Sarah who owns a secondhand bookshop in the small town of Ashford. Sarah loves romance books, and the idea of the Happy Ever After. Secretly she yearns for a love affair like one from the books, but doesn’t feel she’ll ever find it. She’s a little shy, and prefers the company of a good book to anything else, and refuses to settle for anything other than the book boyfriend bought to life. Sarah thinks books are magical, and has this notion they move around the shop when she’s not looking. She believes books choose us when we most need them and not the other way around. Her best friends try to gently cajole Sarah to step from behind the pages of her books, but she refuses until one day a reporter steps into her bookshop…

  1. Where did you get the idea for the series from?

The Bookshop on the Corner is a stand-alone, but is linked to the Gingerbread Café series because it’s set in the same town, and the girls from the café pop in every now and then. Originally Christmas at the Gingerbread Café was going to be just one book, but I had so much interest in a follow up that I wrote a second book, and there will be a third soon! Also Missy, Sarah’s friend from the Sassy Salon will have her own story soon too! I guess the characters have become real to me in a way, and I like touching base with them through another characters point of view!

  1. Are you a plan it all ahead or a write as you go kind of author?

I so wish I was a planner! I am too disorganised for that! Though soon I’ll have five or so books from the same town I’m having to make lots of notes about who said what or what happened so I don’t get any future details wrong! Before starting the third Gingerbread Café book I reread the first two so I could get back in the zone with how each character talks, and their personality. Lil, the owner of the Gingerbread Café is quite feisty compared to my bookworm Sarah, so it was helpful to go back and remember the differences between the two.

  1. Can you tell us anything about your current work in progress?

I’m writing the third Gingerbread café book! It’s the last one from Lil’s perspective and I must admit I will be sad to say goodbye! And boy, there’s a lot happening in this one! It’s set over Christmas and there’s so much to celebrate, but there’s also some sadness. When you live in a small town like Ashford, everyone knows everyone, and when something good or bad happens, it seems as though everyone is involved, which is quite sweet when certain things take place. (Gee it’s hard to say it without giving anything away! I hope that makes sense!)

  1. Have you suffered from the dreaded writer’s block and if so how did you cure it?

I guess we all have those times when writing doesn’t flow and feels like a chore. I know I’ve had plenty of times like that and the only thing to do is keep writing. It will come eventually and you can edit later. At some point clarity will strike and then you’re on your way again J

  1. You must answer a lot of these questions. What question have you not been asked that you wish had been, and what’s the answer?   

Oh good one! Hmmm.

If you could pick a character from your books to come to life, who would it be?

This is tough! Ha ha! It’d be a toss-up between Sarah from The Bookshop on the Corner or CeeCee from The Gingerbread Café!

Thanks so much! These were great fun!

The Bookshop on the Corner is published by Carina as an ebook and can be purchased here.

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