A Little Love – Amanda Prowse

Head of Zeus

Paperback edition 3 July 2014, ebook out now.


“Everybody needs a little love in their lives…

Pru Plum is the celebrated owner of a famous Mayfair bakery. She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut. Few would believe that this elegant woman turned sixty-six last year.

But Pru is not the confident, successful businesswoman she appears. She has done shameful things to get to where she is today. And she will do anything to protect the secrets of her past – especially when, for the first time in her life, she has finally fallen in love…

From bestselling author Amanda Prowse, this is a story about love, loss and lies – and finding happiness before it’s too late.

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4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Pru Plum is a successful business woman, owning and running Plum Patisserie with her cousin Milly. Her pastries are world famous and her cakes devoured by the rich and famous. She has a niece she dotes on and would appear from the outside as a happy, confident woman in her 60’s. However Pru begins to realise that the one thing that is missing is love but feels that her past will prevent her from ever finding this.

Soon however love is in the air. The path of true love doesn’t run smoothly though as tragedy strikes and when the skeletons from Pru’s past spill out of the cupboard it seems that the love she has found may be snatched away.

This was a lovely novel with which to be introduced to Amanda Prowse’s work. Each character was well rounded, the pace just right for a romantic novel and the secret of Pru’s past hinted at in just the right amount, and was thankfully introduced in a timely fashion. I loved the relationship between Pru and her cousin Milly. The interaction between the two was both funny and moving.

It made a change to be reading about love found later in life, and how it’s never too late to start living your life. To be honest it was easy to forget that Pru and her man were in their 60’s. I think this was one of the good things about the book, that love is available for all, not just the young, and that even the most cumbersome of baggage can be shed when the right one comes along.

I look forward to reading more of Amanda Prowse’s novels and short stories.

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